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New League of Legends Livestream – Enryuu

I am now streaming normal games usually between 1PM EST – 5PM EST.   Maybe earlier or later, so please drop by and enjoy the action and music :).  I will apologize for the quality of the stream in advance as my computer’s CPU is a little behind in the requirements for a high quality stream.


Minecraft – Dome

Here is a picture of the dome as it was being built.  This was taken at night so I apologize if you can’t see much.  I originally built the dome out of dirt as a frame to make sure it looked right as I was capping the dome and then replaced the dirt with glass and iron blocks.

Dome under consutrction

Daytime Dome

It’s getting darker!

Night time is among us!

Night time!

Inside Center Top

Inside Floor Level

Fanmade Portal Video

Awesome fanmade Portal video. Awesome effects and has the feel of if Portal was outside.