About Me

Hello! My name’s Adam and I like to play video games like no tomorrow.  I also enjoy writing guides and just plain write in my free time when I feel like it hence the blog.  I am an avid League of Legends player and been so since my friend showed it to me about a year ago now.  It’s an awesome Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game similar to DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) for those that have played it.  Best of all the game is free to play.  This blog will mainly be either about myself, video games, League of Legends, and Minecraft.  So feel free to stop by say hi, comment, rate, or whatever you want.  I’m a pretty relaxed individual, I don’t take criticism too harshly but more of a way to improve myself.  Not much else I can say about myself really…I guess I could say that for personal life aside from video games I like to watch anime, read manga, paintball, and hang out with my friends.


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