Xerath, the Magus Ascendant Review


Xerath, the Magus Ascendant is Riot Games’ take on an artillery tank mage.  Xerath definitely seems to bring about that artillery feeling by being an extremely long ranged mage with or without one of his abilities that increases his range when activated.  This ability roots him however, which makes him seem more like a real life artillery tank throwing out mortars and the like.  But with mage spells from a far enough ranged to be considered balanced.  Xerath’s range could be longer if they really wanted to make him more into artillery but that would make him pretty broken.  Xerath brings back the idea of a poke team composition for meta game as his range allows him to outrange almost anyone when he is rooted in place.  The tank portion could use some work as Xerath only gets bonus armor from his ability power.  But he becomes fragile for mages and that doesn’t make him much of a tank.  Melee DPS however are negated fairly well that can break a good front line of tanky defense.  Xerath brings a good amount of burst and damage as his cast animations are fairly quick and his ultimate can be casted instantly three times.  Xerath also has some utility when provided with blue buff as his cooldowns become lower in order to cast more stuns when the target is marked and damage.


Overall Xerath seems to be a well thought out champion that Riot created for filling the theme of artillery tank mage.  My only concerns with Xerath is whether his range can be considered balanced as I believe he has the most range for a caster in the game.  This works fine as he is supposed to be an artillery mage, but at times it can be infuriating.  Other concerns are Xerath having a cooldown on activating and deactivating his root as this can sometimes get him killed.  His abilities however can be pretty easily dodged as his main damage nukes are skill shots making him a high skill cap champion.  This makes playing him to his full burst potential a bit harder as you need to land everything to deal a lot of burst damage and kill someone quickly.  The animations are well done Xerath especially his attack animation as it reminds of tesla coils and his appearance being very electrical based.  Therefore, Xerath is a well done and created champion by Riot Games to add to the mage repertoire.


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