Riven, the Exile Review


Riven, the Exile is the most recent champion to join the League of Legends roster on the fields of justice in Runeterra.  Riven is considered a melee fighter type champion.  Riven can also be considered a bruiser of sorts as she needs some health and some kind of mitigation items in order to survive in team fights.  She is a very mobile champion that revolves around fighting while using her abilities in certain combinations.  She is a really enjoyable champion once you get some damage items on her.  She excels at fighting against squishy champions like carries as her early game is quite strong most of the time if played correctly.  Her passive has a resource management system of sorts, but isn’t too bad.  Her passive gives her auto attacks extra damage consuming a charge which is created upon using one of her abilities.  This can be used very well by auto attacking between abilities so as to not waste any charges.  This adds to Riven’s repertoire of dealing damage, but also adds the idea of her being a combo champion.  The design aspects of Riven being a combination fighter champion that seems to always be attacking or always doing some kind of action makes Riven fun.  There are some aspects of Riven that I feel are lackluster which is the fact her late game potential for teamfights is not present.  Riven seems to be powerful early game and then tends to wane off as it reaches the late game phase.  This is fine for some champions such as ranged or champions that have other purposes in the early game, but Riven is mainly just damage as her CC abilities are lack luster for really any utility purpose.


In conclusion, Riven is a fun chain combination fighter champion, which I feel Riot succeeded in creating.  However, for someone being melee and having no real purpose but to deal damage, falling off late game is a little bit bad especially with some of CC duration and range of a melee champion.  However, Riven still has her fun aspects and can bring joy to those playing her that enjoy combo champions.  So if you enjoy doing chain combos and fast paced oriented champions, then this is your champion, but don’t expect to be taking out a lot of people who have mitigation quickly with burst like Master Yi.  Instead assume you are a melee carry that does sustained damage with your abilities.


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