Talon, the Blade’s Shadow Review

Talon, the Blade’s Shadow is a melee physical damage assassin.  Talon is a capable solo lane, duo lane, and jungling champion.  Talon’s abilities bring a lot of synchronization and utility to his kit.  Talon is capable of providing burst damage, but can also CC his target.  Talon’s E ability allows him to silence the target for one second and teleport to them but also debuffing them allowing him to deal a percentage in extra damage from his abilities and auto attacks.  This allows for great burst damage to occur despite his damage being physical and can be mitigated easily with armor which increases passively as one levels.  Talon’s W gives him a frontal cone slow, similar to Ashe’s volley, but deals damage twice as the ability shoots blades with a boomerang effect.  These two abilities synergize very well for Talon as his passive allows his auto attacks to deal extra damage to targets that are under crowd control effects.  These abilities all allow Talon to do his job as an assassin, which is to kill the opposing team’s carry.  Talon however, is very fragile as he is an assassin champion similar to Akali.  Talon is a pretty mobile champion especially when his ultimate is used which gives him extra movement speed while stealthed.  This allowed for great ganking opportunities as well as escapes.  Talon excels at harassing the target in the lane and then finishing them off quickly with his other abilities.  Talon’s main burst damage comes from his W ability and ultimate at the early to mid game levels.  As it heads into the late game however, these abilities are now coupled with Talon’s Q ability which allows him to deal damage on his next auto attack.  This is great when using his abilities as he has a gap closer with this his E ability.


Overall Talon is a fun champion that does what Riot intended for him to do, which is to assassinate the opposing team’s carry.  Talon can definitely kill squishy champions and can even do some major damage to tanks at the early levels if Talon is fed and the tanks are ill equipped to mitigate the damage.  Talon is definitely a fun champion to play for those looking for somebody that is melee and can bring out some nice burst damage.  Talon is fairly easy and simple to learn and use as well.  He isn’t a high skill cappped champion look others, but instead if a friendly simple champion that those looking to pick up an assassin champion can easily accustom to.  In conclusion, I say good job Riot for providing a great melee physical damage assassin and may you have fun playing him if you decide to pick up out of the Riot Store for 6300IP or 975RP.


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