League of Legends:Dominion – Game Mode and Map Preview

As many of you know if you are an avid League of Legends follower, Riot Games has a big announcement to make this week regarding something new.  Well the day has finally come and the news it out everyone.  League of Legends is releasing a new map, no it’s not Magma Chamber, but the new map seems interesting, since the new game mode is a fast paced PVP environment.  It is similar to capture points from FPS games, but this time translate to the MOBA scene.  The games according to Riot Games lasts approximately 20 minutes, which faster then most games on average on Summoner’s Rift 5v5 match ups.  The objective in this new game mode is to essentially defense your nexus from the opposing team from channeling and depleting your nexus energy to 0.  Seems simple, straight forward enough, but how is the map set up and is there any kind of protection, only time will tell.  The new map and game mode will available for live preview at Gamescon and at PAX Prime for those that are able to attend those events in Europe and the US.


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