Minecraft – Dome

Here is a picture of the dome as it was being built.  This was taken at night so I apologize if you can’t see much.  I originally built the dome out of dirt as a frame to make sure it looked right as I was capping the dome and then replaced the dirt with glass and iron blocks.

Dome under consutrction

Daytime Dome

It’s getting darker!

Night time is among us!

Night time!

Inside Center Top

Inside Floor Level


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2 responses to “Minecraft – Dome

  • Rachel

    i love what you did. I have a couple of questions. Well first of all it’s amazingly huge. I am making something similar but higher in the air. I was wondering if you could give me a few ideas as to how to make a dome. I have tried programs but it seems that the programs lag. Maybe b/c of the size? It’s radius is 80. Height can only go to like 41 i think. I was just wondering if i could get some tips. If not that’s ok.

  • adrelion

    Well mine is 79 for diameter, as for tips, I followed a guide to make a perfect sphere that someone made on the Minecraft forums. Here is the link to it. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/26469-perfect-spheres-blueprints-inside/

    They are all based off voxels, if you follow the diagrams you should be able to get a dome set up. However, with only 41 blocks in height it may be quite hard for your set up with that radius as that’s 160blocks for diameter. To fit it in such a short space you may have to make it a bit more compact in the layers so it will look less dome like.

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