Minecrafting again

Looks like Notch finally implemented the Nether into this update which is now beta 1.6, yay for updates.

However it also looks like a lot of bugs have crept out with this update but hey its beta what can you expect but bugs?

The nice thing is it means I will be minecrafting again, and yes I know made up word but hey what else can you call it right? Been getting back into Minecraft again lately since more people have been playing it on my friend’s server.  The development of my Bio-dome is slowly progressing again nicely.  However I think I will have to put it on hold as I must redo and look for gold in order to make power tracks as with this update booster minecarts are now broken.  Have to make some kind of transportation system to get to the bio-dome from the spawn point or my previous base of operations.

Anyways just small updates in the world of Minecraft.  Maybe I will post pictures of the ongoing construction or something as times goes by.


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