Minecraft Update

Sooo Minecraft….took a break from that fun game. It’s fun with multiplayer and was fun as single player but its lost its edge since its more of a time killer then anything else.  The game itself still fun to build awesome looking buildings or other neat stuff.  I mean building a rail road station or having a timer/calculator being made is neat.  But can only last for so long when you got other competitive multiplayer games out on the market.  Anyways onto the Minecraft updates since I am done ranting about my opinion about this game.  Minecraft creator Notch is planning on adding Wolves to his Beta 1.4 update. Which after watching the video on his tumblr site looks awesome.  Wolves can be tamed and used as attack hounds which sounds pretty awesome to me for those pesky creepers and zombies out at night.


Now as for the multiplayer side of things on the server my friends and I play on.  We have a lot going on there with plenty of buildings and mods being implemented by my friend who runs the server.  Currently using a mod that allows us to enter the nether and enter our old creative world alongside our survival multiplayer world.  All in all pretty neat and awesome mod specially since Notch still hasn’t released the Nether for multiplayer yet.  Buildings on our server are progressing well aside from the occasional death, attacks, and creeper explosions.  My friends and I all have some pretty sweet looking bases created.  3 story tower, a huge castle, dome in progress, pyramid, gardens, mob spawners, rail road roller coaster ride transportation, lava and cactus defense walls.  All in all a pretty good base in this survival world for multiplayer.  Even got some Nether portals and star gates. Yes that’s right folks star gates like from the show 🙂 hehe.


This was all done over the course of around 6-8 months though. So not all too surprising but nonetheless a cool feat achieved by those of us with jobs and those without combined.  Anyways that’s all for now on the Minecraft front, and until the passion and fun factor for Minecraft returns for me my bio-dome city and the Minecraft updates will probably be on halt for awhile. In the meantime look forward to more League of Legends updates and reviews as more champions are released and older ones come into play from updates/remakes.  Older champions will most likely get a review rating by me as well in the near future but going through 70 something odd champions will take time.


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