Hello Everyone!

Name’s Adam and this is my first blog/blog post. I’m going to probably blog about all things gaming related or about my gaming experiences with the games I own. Maybe I’ll even do a review on certain games or on aspects of games.  English isn’t my major so don’t expect proper grammar and all that fun stuff. Just a heads up in case anyone is a stickler for that stuff. Anyways blogging will probably begin soon with the first post being a review on the new champion Nocturne released by Riot Games in their MOBA game League of Legends. Later on down the line I’ll probably blog more about Minecraft. When I get around to it I will also blog about/review Bulletstorm that I have already finished on Normal for the PC. So that’s the future posts in a nutshell for now, unless something else pops randomly into my head.

But for now I bid you adieu and welcome those who decide to drop by 🙂


Also as a disclaimer, all information and pictures uploaded here unless they are speculated unreleased splash art belong and is credited to Riot Games.


About adrelion

League of Legends player, Minecrafter, overall gamer, music enthusiast, nerd, paintballer, anime watcher, manage reader, and overall nice guy. View all posts by adrelion

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